Global Forum, Davos 2014
Linking Global and Regional Organizational Strategies and Leadership and Development.
Global Forum, Yokohama 2012
Impact of recent developments on business strategies and executive development.
Global Talent Management Institute, Seoul, June 2012
An Introduction to Indian Talent management.
Global Forum, Singapore, June 2011
Coaching & Mentoring Indian Entrepreneurs
Lancaster University Management School, Lancaster, March 2011
SME Future Leadership Paradigms
Global Forum, Nice, June 2010
Development, Trends & Implications for Executive Development
Education Project, Bahrain, Octobr 2009
The Future of Education
Global Forum, San Jose, June 2009
The Future of Education
The Future of Executive Development
Panel discussion on what kind od Executive Leaders will we need in Future
Co-chaired session on the Future of Coaching
Global Forum, Seoul, June 2008
HR India Context